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And here we are. My uploads on deviantart. :P

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Art that I love. This also kinda shares my personality and interests. :P Don't just look at the sneak peek! Go through the actual folders in my favorites!


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Nerdy Fantasy Cat
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Huh? Wuzzat? How in the hoo hay world did you find me? Well, nevermind that. Hola. And welcome to my page of mischief and other strange stuff. :P Just one of those random TomBoy artists you'll come across on DeviantArt. And not to mention I am a hardcore gaming fan and all. And to let others know before you don't understand my religious ways, I AM A CHRISTIAN. So And I will forever be one...But I don't mind if you're not. We can still get along. :D

Anyhoo, where was I? Ah! Yes! I like a WHOLE lot of games!...Not the realistic crud for modern teenagers. I'm talking about platformers by nintendo and a lot of RPG games here. Liked it ever since I was....I dunno. Pretty young. That's how long I've liked video games. Realistic ones don't suit my interest. It's the wacky cartoon ones or awesome, anime RPG games that catch my attention. Being a cartoon interested person, I want to grow up as a cartoonist or a video game creator. Maybe a doctor but a cartoonist could be my hobby. My favorite type of TV shows are a lot of cartoons. Especially the 90's! But there are a few others here and there. I really enjoy drawing and hope to improve every day by using different tools and techniques. I am into drawing cartoons and obviously need improvement on scenery and realistic styles of art. Well, that's me in a peanut shell.

Oh yeah. Don't be shy! I don't bite...well, mostly....Okay. I promise ya, if you treat me the way I want to be treated, we can get along, capisce?

Don't wanna hang with me cause I'm a strange, non-girly nerd? *points* There's the exit. Have a nice day.

Feel free to browse my unperfect gallery! Also, I would love to hear ideas from you for art if you have any!

:iconrequestsclosed: Getting back to school so I'm not taking requests during the time. But when I'm open, I'll do Certain ones such as Mario, R&C, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, your OC, ect. Just a few rules with it though.
1. PLEASE don't be anything WAY too inappropriate.(Examples: Bad Language, Sexual, MAJOR gore) I might have a few exceptions though. Send me a specific note.
2. I will most likely NOT do Yaoi or Yuri. Well, maybe a teeny tiny friendship slash but NOT NSFW or no no type.
:icontradesask: I'll take a trade if your request you assign me is easy enough for me to draw. Like I said, comment to ask me. These happen to be one of my favorite things to do!
:iconcollabsask: Ask me bout collabs before you are starting one. I need to know what the collab is going to be on.

:icongiftsfriendsonly: Sorry. Only do it for special occasions for good pals of mine. If you warm up to me, or if I admire your art like freaking crazy, expect a gift from me sooner or later.

Some pretty neat users on Deviant Art
:iconsierramelody: :iconlaceyantanana: :icondrawingstar12:
:iconfizzreply: :iconjamesmantheregenold: :iconcruiseblues: :iconribbedebie: :icondream-of-serenity: :iconelectric-mongoose: :iconevilmeep: :iconkd476::iconconkanat:
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If I forget anyone, I just wanna let you all know that you rock and thanks for putting up with me!

Enjoy your time here! Just beware of the monster that lurks here. :P

Personal Quote: Be the person you are. There's only one you and the world doesn't need another someone else.

Currently Playing:

Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Stamp by halofarm
Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong 64 S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKid
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wind Waker Stamp by FreezingIceKirby
Toontown Rewritten Toontown Rewritten Stamp by ColourSwappingCat
Well, a whole lot of people have done this and forgive me for being rather late with this, but I might as well tell my part of the story...Now then. *AHEM*

Welcome to the Deviant
I first got my DeviantArt back in December 2011 (3 years already, huh? Never realized THAT until now.). This is the time I first became a teen...or in my terms, when I became a part of a bigger society of people. This is also a moment I realized I REALLY loved to draw. Now on FaceBook (I recently got since my 13th birthday) I have a good friend that enjoy seeing art from. I admired it with all I had and I was awful glad to be friends with fellow (Or in these terms, better) artists. After I ended up sharing this admiration, she told me about this website I shouldn't be afraid to share my art with (Even if it could still use improvement...). It's the world known as DeviantArt. Now to be clear, I already had a pretty good idea of what this website was like. Often when I would search up google images of some of my favorite fandoms, I would find impressive (And some others, well....not as much) art pieces that would come from this cool website. If there's one thing that this website brought me, it was inspiration. When I was told about this neato website, I took my friend's advice and immediately got an account. I'll admit, the first year was just me warming up with the organization of DeviantArt. I honestly told no one else in my family about this when I first got it. I honestly felt like, "I could get used to this place."

Getting Started
Now the first thing I did when I got the hang of this website was to shape up my account and give an introduction of myself. Y'know, explaining my favorite fandoms, my hobbies, what kind of person am I, ect. After all the fancy introductions, I found art (Whether it was fanart of my favorite fandoms or art that catches my interest by its style) that would give me just a small glimpse of what I'm in for. I found most of these artists that had these creative ideas and watched them and stuff like that. That's when I realized something; people told me, "What's your art like?" Now I'll be honest, I wasn't nervous at all to share this early art of mine, no matter how weird others thought it was. In fact, a main reason I signed up for this website is because I never felt afraid to share my own artistic and fandom side I never want to show in public. So, I started by posting a whole bunch of old art I did on the simple art program, paint. I had a wild interest in cats, so I decided to add art of those and share my interest in them. This later transitioned into traditional doodles and sketches ever since I learned how to do black and white shadings. I'll admit, looking at it now makes me feel awful embarrassed about it...Oh well. We all start off a little rusty, right?

Sharing the Interest
Now that I thought my own personal ideas and concepts of some art was getting kinda old to share, I decided to finally reveal my love of a huge inspiration in my art and even character; Video games. This included a lot of old Mario, Rareware, Ratchet and Clank, and many other game arts on paper. I felt like I wouldn't be afraid to show how much I loved these games. To be honest, I was ALWAYS afraid to share my interest in video games since I was made fun of in middle school because of it. However, I wasn't afraid to share it here after I met MANY MANY people that have the same interests. Deviant artists kinda inspired me and gave me the guts to share my crazy video game side. So, I showed this within my traditional art and wacky (And sometimes pointless) journal entries.

Exploring a New Style of Art
Starting in the early part of my second year on DeviantArt, I realized that, well, my traditional and paint art is okay, but look at all the other art here! How can I fit in? That's when I realized I wanted to use a new way of doing art. That's when I heard of Paint Tool SAI. I immediately installed and did a lot of rookie work on it and decided to share it...Actually, the first place I would post it is on FaceBook because some people on there would actually compliment my traditional art so I thought this new style of digital art would have to get popular by my IRL friends before I could share it in DA. I was fast with posting this type of art on DA. Of course, this was rather simple mouse art, but at my age, I was rather impressed by my work and was incredibly eager to share it. That's how it was over the first half of my second year on DA. My second half of the year is a completely different story. This is proved when I realized I'm getting a little carried away with my inspiration.

Realizing My Errors and Need of Improvement
Okay. This second half of my second year is when I started to realize that I needed some help. And it was in more than one department I needed this.
1. I've been stealing a whole lot of ideas. Honestly, at the time, I just called it inspiration since I wanted to be an innocent child on the outside and hide my truth of thieving ideas within myself...That was until I was confronted about this. This brought me down to actually be blocked by someone for stealing ideas and such...That's when I realized doing what I was doing was not right a single bit. So, this gave me the time to think about what I did over this time with stealing ideas I enjoyed from other artists and I decided it's about time I need to play fair and square on this website. So, a whole lot of art was removed from my profile and I posted a lot of these journal about talking about how wrong and terrible I was. This part of my life was already depression and hard as it is, so DA made it even harder to get through in my life.
2. This part of the year is also the time I finally decided to review and look through my whole gallery. That's when I realized how lonely of a user I was. And I finally realized that the majority of my art that was posted was, well.....way outta date. I realized that improvement could be done...But was I completely capable of this? When I started to think about this, I went on more hiatus then usual. After some time of taking a break and realizing that I had to accept all that has happened over the time on DA, I decided to start my next year with some serious improvement.

Starting From Some New Scratch
Welp, now that I got an idea of my mistakes and many other blunders I made in my last year, I decided to start my next year on DA all fresh and new. This is when I got my hands on some new things. One including a Bamboo Tablet. I couldn't stop using it after my oldest brother dug it out of his room for me! Second, I took a glimpse of many tutorials to take a swing at to get better at drawing figures, getting depths of color, and many other tips. Third, I realized I needed to get a closer relationship with some fellow deviant artists. I decided to have occasional chats and decided to share some opinions on some art pieces I found interest in. This really helped me improve my relationship with other artists and it helped me feel more accepted within the DA community. This is also the year I was finally able to apologize with my acts of thievery and bury the hatchet and forget about it. After realizing my close friendships I've been gaining with these artists, I decided to share some of my gratefulness but participating in many collaborative art activities (Art trades, Collabs, gifts, contest entries, etc.). This also got me more into groups I joined instead of just joining them to share my fandom interests. Overall, I say this year was definitely a year of maturing and becoming more aware of my actions and ideas on DA. It was a whole new chance for me.

Future Now and Later
This portion can relate to my time on DA right now. I've become a bit more out of date (Or as I call it, LAZY) with sharing more art, but I really have been taking the time to learn from my old art and trying to improve it. I can definitely see the transition of style and improvement over the years. Although I take more hiatus then usual, I realize it's a whole part of me becoming more mature and older in my life. This includes on how I spend time in my life, how I improve within my art, and finding my priorities. Although I have a lot to learn I continue to accept that there can always be improvement done and I shouldn't be embarrassed about my progress over my years and that I am to develop my own style of art. Just like being my own person instead of being way too similar to others I enjoy. I'm continuing to grow up and improve in more than one way in my life. In some ways, however, like my interests and my wacky character, I don't change at all. I'm actually happy about some of these things since this proves how different I am compared to others.

Example of Art Over the Years
Here are just examples of art over my years on DA, even if some are scraps right now:
REALLY old art I dug out to fill up on DA
Jade Emy by KittyJoyFluffy Sketch by KittyJoyKirby Sketch by KittyJoy

A bit more time "in date" Art
Blinx by KittyJoyCat Night Sketch by KittyJoyGir by KittyJoy

A small step of improvement
Little Miss Eva by KittyJoyDonkey Kong 64 Sketches by KittyJoyFanart: Game Worlds' Klonoa and Coco by KittyJoy

A peek of present day work
Sir Daniel Doodle by KittyJoyValentine's Day: LuigiXDaisy by KittyJoyPandora Doodle by KittyJoy

Personal Favorites
Kimono Half-Genie by KittyJoyCollab: Hey Indy! Can I come too? by KittyJoyChibi Hurdy by KittyJoyValentine's Day: MarioXPeach by KittyJoy

Honorable Artists
These following users are many that gave me inspiration, and awesome friendship, and many other awesome things I love on DA:
:iconsierramelody: :iconlaceyantanana: :icondrawingstar12: :iconfizzreply: :iconjamesmantheregenold: :iconcruiseblues: :iconribbedebie: :icondream-of-serenity: :iconelectric-mongoose: :iconevilmeep: :iconkd476::iconconkanat: :iconphuijl:::iconzantchan::iconvirtualboy2558:  :iconfoxeyes32: :iconclaraknight:  :iconharuka-tavares: :iconkjsteroids: :iconolgatarta: :iconomegacybersilver: :iconrosethehedgehog13: :iconearthgwee: :iconairlombax: :iconjackspicerchase: :iconnintendrawer: :iconmacaheroes: :icontwisted-wind: :iconmarleymoonflight::iconshindy-snh: :iconnatsilva: :iconpiranha2021: :iconroseredren-cookie: :iconsuperflatpsychosis: :iconannazoey: :icon123soleil: :iconfoxeaf: :iconillegal-dzhepaeva:
There's still a lot more and I love you all! Thank you for everything DA!
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